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Trademark a Logo

A Logo or Symbol is a distinct and distinguishing mark or indicator which gives a unique recognition and prominence to the products or services of a company, among those of others companies, particularly in the same field of business at domestic or international level. Hence, a logo is a highly significant and effective intellectual property of any business company or institution. A logo not only provides identity to the concerned products or services, but also effectively conveys the high quality of the products, visionary business aims and policy, reputation of the company, and certain exclusive qualities and specialties of the products or services associated. Well-rounded and discerning legal services to trademarks in all economic sectors, have been being offered by ours globally reputed law firm of India for a long time, essentially including services for trademark registrations in India and abroad. To trademark a logo, its proper registration with the concerned and recommended trademark authority is compulsory. The entire procedure regarding how to trademark a logo (how to trademark a symbol) is described below, exclusively in India and abroad.

Procedure to Trademark a Logo and Symbol

To trademark a logo, the very first task is to make the final selection or creation of the most suitable and unique logo or symbol, in order to suit appropriately the business requirements and ambitions. Thereafter comes the turn of conducting trademark search at the concerned level, domestic, international, or global. This censorious trademark search is prescribed for checking the originality, uniqueness, and acceptability of the proposed logo or symbol. After this, drafting and filing of trademark application, strictly as per the rules and regulations of the concerned trademark authorities, take place. After filing of the application, prosecution for the same becomes also necessary for the best possible results and promptitude. In addition to all-round and punctilious support for trademark registrations at domestic level in countries worldwide, ours adept and mellow trademark attorneys also provide full help and service for trademark registration under the Berne and Paris Convention, the TRIPS Agreement, Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark (CTM).