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Merger & Acquisitions

The merger and acquisition is a rather elegant, easy, and effective means for business expansion and growth, in the same or different fields of business, apart from setting up a subsidiary or joint venture. Every year, there are a large number of companies and institutions formed through Merger and Acquisition (M & A), in countries all around the world. The merger and acquisition is the process or instance of forming one unified company with mutual agreement and support, for certain exclusive and strategic benefits to both the parties. The most common and significant benefits are fast business expansion, venturing into new business fields, capturing existing customer base and market, enhancing productivity and efficiency, maximize profitability, and overcoming business competition at national or international levels. Today, owing to these outstanding advantages of mergers and acquisitions, businesses in almost all traditional and modern fields are being restructured thus, for desired expansion, growth, and profitability. Our globally acclaimed full-service law firm provides the whole gamut of services for all categories of mergers and acquisitions in countries India and abroad, including mergers through absorption or consolidation, horizontal or vertical mergers, and the conglomerate mergers.

Merger and Acquisition Services in India

As ours internationally reputed law firm is well-established in India, we extend all above-mentioned services for merger and acquisition in india, in the desired fields of business and commerce. It must be appreciated that mergers and acquisitions require comprehensive and mature analysis and estimations, and discerning due diligence, in order to bring about the most secured and profitable corporate restructuring. As the economy of India is one of the major and briskly growing economies of the world, there are well-devised and refined laws to govern and regulate mergers and acquisitions in the country. Our well-informed and adept attorneys and lawyers provide all merger and acquisition services under the stricture and instructions of these all concerned laws. The most significant among the Indian laws regarding mergers and acquisitions are - the Companies Act, 1956; the Income Tax Act, 1961; the Competition Act, 2002; FEMA, 1999; and the SEBI Act. Ours merger and acquisition services cover everything from beginning to the end.