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Patent Law Firms

Most of the intellectual property law firms are essentially the patent law firms, as patents are indubitably the most significant part of the intellectual property of any business corporation in any field. These patent law firms provide an exclusively broad range of services for patents in all fields of the commerce and profession at domestic and international levels. These patent law firms services range from the very creation of any new invention to its registration with domestic and international authorities, and complete protection from misappropriation and infringement. Ours well-established law firm, is one of the famous and reputed patent law firms in india, with expert and swift patent services in jurisdictions worldwide. In addition to well-rounded support and consultation regarding domestic patent registration and protection in individuals countries worldwide, patent registration and protection under the international patent conventions of the Berne and Paris Conventions, TRIPS Agreement, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), and the European Patent Convention (EPC), are also expertly guided and made secured by our adept and punctilious patent attorneys. Our patent law services are described separately in the section below, which apply also for all other countries besides India.

Patent Services in India

Ours well-connected and innovative law firm is at present, one of the leading and top patent law firms in India, with immense international reputation. Ours all patent services in all across India are provided under the strict compliance of the Patents Act, 1970, and the Patents Rules of 1972. These patent law services cover the original creation of any creative and lucrative invention in any desired business field; checking and verifying its novelty and patentability through scrupulous patent searches in Indian and International patent offices; making well-informed patent application as per the recommended rules and regulations of the authorities concerned; rigorous patent prosecution; patent watch and monitoring for well-rounded protection; resolution of patent disputes; and patent infringement litigation in India and abroad. For patent filing and registration of patents belonging to all diverse fields of economy, there are well-constructed zonal patent offices in Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. Here, it is noteworthy that any patent registered in India, through any of these zonal patent offices, is recognized well in international jurisdictions worldwide (because of being in conformity with the TRIPS Agreement of WTO), and thus forms an acceptable basis for any international patent registration.