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Patent Search

Scrupulous and extensive Patent Search is compulsory for verifying originality and uniqueness of the invention, and ensuring acceptability of the same for prompt registration. Other benefits obtainable from comprehensive and critical patent search are averting the chances of infringement accusations by other companies or institutions, getting information for betterment in the invention being made, knowing the possibilities of committing infringement upon the inventions or patents of other entities, and acquire knowledge about the latest technologies being used in the concerned fields. Thus, patent searches are of immense productivity and invaluable for security, success, and growth. For these great and glamorous purposes our worldwide famous law firm provides impeccable patent search services, including online patent search, for patent registrations in India and all other major foreign countries, which are parties to diverse globally reputed patent conventions and treaties. Our rigorous and reasonably-priced patent search services in all across India are described in the section given below.

Online Patent Search

In this age of highly developed science and technology, the great and magnificent facilities for online patent search, have made our search services expeditious and most efficient. In order to provide the best patent search services india, our hugely experienced and discerning patent attorneys make thorough searches in the databases of all registered patents and all filed patent applications offered for registration, with all patent offices established in all across the country in the cities of Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. Our patent search india, essentially utilizes searches by types of products or processes, and by the field categories. Our wide-ranging experience and varied knowledge about inventions and patents in various fields of commerce and industry, enable us to finalize the invention of our clients most creatively and masterly. To support international businesses of our Indian clients, we also undertake international patent searches on behalf of them. The patent search services are merely an auxiliary part of our extensive services for the intellectual property rights, or diverse other areas of the law, in India and other countries of the world.