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Firm Name Registration

Brisk, responsible, and perfect services are offered by ours globally acclaimed and popular law firm, for firm name registration and firm registration, in countries all around the whole world. The whole gamut of legal services is rendered by us to the commerce and corporate fields, which pertain to diverse areas of legal practice. The firm registration services are only an ancillary part of ours these all services. Our services for 'firm name registration india' and firm registration, which are explained below, are hugely prominent and reputed in all along the length and breadth of the country. All types of firms are well-facilitated by us regarding their formation, registration, and business management. The most prominent and popular among these firms are - the private limited companies, public limited companies, unlimited companies, limited liability partnership firms, sole proprietorships, joint ventures, and establishments for the foreign companies and investors. In addition to the firm registration services, our services are readily available regarding the business and commercial law, international business laws, maritime and admiralty laws, taxation, insurance, labor and employment law, intellectual property rights, and various other significant areas of legal practice.

Firm Name Registration in India

Perfect and economical registrations for all above specified firms and entities in all fields of the professional, commercial, industrial, and service sectors of Indian economy, are facilitated lavishly by ours prestigious law firm of India. All Indian and Foreign people, investors, and entities in various different fields, are well-supported by our broadly experienced and mellow attorneys and lawyers in the Company Law, and other areas of the law concerning companies and corporations. For foreign companies and investors, assisted by us are firms like branch offices, project offices, wholly-owned subsidiaries, liaison offices, joint ventures, etc., for doing business in any targeted part of India. These all categories of firms and companies are governed and regulated by the Companies Act, 1956. For firm name registration for the desired type of company, an application containing proposed names in the order of preference is to be forwarded to the concerned ROC, for approval and reservation. In the cases of the limited companies, a time-duration of six months is offered to the applicant for making registration of the proposed firm, after the reservation of firm name. The maximum number of proposed names to be sent for consent of the registrar is four. For an LLC registration all correspondence will be made with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) of the Government of India, under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008.