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company formation in india

Company brings persons with similar interest to carry out the same type of business activities. Company is a separate legal entity that needs to get register under the companies act. Different countries usually follow their own set of prescribed rules for company formation. Likewise in India, companies act 1956, brings you with complete set of rules and regulations being implemented on India corporate sector.

Here, we introduce you with rules for company formation that require legitimating your company at the domestic and international level as well. Company formation means to specify the company's details and information need to be submitted at the concern authority. Here we have to intimate the type of company we need to register like private, public, sole proprietor or any other. Besides these, here we also define the ratio of investors, board of members, share capital and many more in order to file a successful registration.

Private Limited Company Formation in India

Private limited company formation in India needs to follow all terms and conditions as per the Indian Companies Act, 1956 as a private company is concerned a separate legal entity or an artificial person. The formation of a private limited and public limited varies from one another and mostly in terms of the numbers of shareholders and paid up capital of a company. After formation, then the next step is to apply for company registration from the Registrars of Companies (ROC) which is extremely vital for any legal enterprise to protect their rights from any misuse or wrongdoings. Company registration process involves various legal processes so, it's better to take the help of a legal professional in order to make this process absolutely crime free. The formation of a private limited company and its registration generally takes 20 working days if all things are going as per the procedures. Delhi is the investment hub for new age entrepreneurs in the recent past, so company registration is sky rocketing these days in this locality.