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Industrial Design Services

Industrial Designs form one of the major and vital categories of the intellectual property of an individual or entity active in any commercial, industrial, or professional field. And therefore, these industrial designs must be properly protected from any misappropriation or infringement, by any unauthorized person or entity. The registration of these industrial designs with design authorities in the domestic and international jurisdictions, helps well-rounded the creator or possessor of designs in such design protection, and gives some legitimate and exclusive rights regarding the diverse commercial uses of the registered designs. Our law firm situated in India, is one of the reputed industrial design firms in india with a rather extensive gamut of industrial design services to all commercial and industrial fields in countries worldwide. Ours decent and discerning industrial design services india, are described in the section below separately. Ours vigorous and perfect services for industrial designs cover the flawless registration of these at international level also, with organizations like the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Industrial Design Firms in India

Ours all-round services for all types of industrial designs in diverse fields in India, are in addition to all supportive and significant legal services regarding all disciplines of the law. Hence, ours galloping and popular legal organization is one of the nationwide reputed law firms and the industrial design firms in India. The industrial design services offered by us are during the processes of creating any new and creative design, national and international design searches, preparation and filing of the application for design registration, design registration prosecution, design monitoring and protection, and design infringement litigation. We provide these all services for both two-dimensional and tree-dimensional industrial designs in various business and profession fields. In India, the registration and protection of these industrial designs are governed and regulated predominantly by the Designs Act of 2000, and the Designs Rules of 2001. The applications for registration of such designs are forwarded to the Controller of Designs in the zonal design registration offices, which are located in all across the country. Here, it ought to be noted that, designs are highly sensitive and vulnerable intellectual property, and therefore, for registration and protection of designs the comprehensive support of an adept and expert professional lawyer is inevitable.