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Patent Protection

Ours this elaborately prepared highly informative and productive article, offer all-round and exclusive information about the patent protection in jurisdictions worldwide. This article begins with the fundamentals on the patent protection, such as what is patent protection', and the patent protection definition, and ranges to well-rounded information about the patent protection period in India and abroad, and ends with briefing on the patent authorities which provide patent protection in all around the whole world. Accreditation, recognition, and protection to any new invention in any business or profession field, are provided through proper registration of the same with the prescribed patent office in domestic or international arena. This patent protection secures the legal authority of the patent holder over the registered invention or patent; provides certain due and exclusive rights to the patent owner regarding the personal and commercial uses and trading of the patent; and full legal right to sue against the patent infringers and thus, get compensation for the losses and damages caused by the infringing activities. Ours globally admired law firm based in India, provides reliable and flawless services for patent registration and patent protection in india and abroad, promptly and rather economically.

Patent Protection Period

Today, most of the patent laws in countries worldwide, are in harmony and conformity with the globally recognized patent laws and rules, by regulating and laudable endeavor of several international treaties (WTO, WIPO, EPO, etc.) the most reputed of which is the TRIPS Agreement of the WTO. According to recommendations of this TRIPS Agreement, the patent protection period in most of the domestic and international jurisdictions, has been set to twenty years, for inventions and patents in most of the economic fields. This patent protection period generally starts from the date of filing the patent application (or also from the date of grant of the patent rights), and is further expandable through patent renewals. In India, patent registration and protection is provided under the brilliant Patents Act, 1970, which is now in close agreement with the TRIPS Agreement, after amendment in it in the year 2005. Since 2005, the patent protection period in India for patents in all commercial and industrial fields, including the field of pharmaceuticals, has been extended to twenty years, from the date of registration of the patent. Again, this patent protection in india is available for inventions or patents regarding both products and processes in these economic fields.