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Patent Renewal

Patent renewal is a standard of patent practice that has global reach. Almost all countries that endowment patents have some form of patent renewal process that is designed to create revenue for the country and to cause patents that are not renewed to expire. Several countries need yearly patent renewal fees and a number of even charge renewal fees during the application process before the invention is even granted rights. Patent renewal is required to keep a patent in force.

If the patent preservation fees are not paid the patent will lapse. Renewal fees are those fees, which are paid to maintain an arranged patent in force. Some patent laws need the payment of continuation fees for pending patent applications. Not all patent laws need the payment of preservation fees and different laws provide different regulations concerning not only the quantity payable but also the regularity of the payments. In other countries where maintenance fees are to be paid every twelve months, they are sometimes called patent annuities.

Patent Renewal fees are payable every year. The first patent renewal fee will be due at the ending of the second year from the date of the patent. Thereafter renewal fee should be paid at the expiration of every succeeding year. Payment of patent renewal fee in advance is permitted. If the patent renewal fees is not paid within the prescribed period the patent will finish to have effect on expire of such period. However, it is advisable to get patent renewed for twenty years at once.No patent renewal fees are payable during the pendency of the application for a patent.

The main significance of paying the renewal is desired to keep a patent in force for the term of the patent, the renewal fees specified in the First Schedule shall be payable at the termination of the second year from the date of the patent or of any succeeding year and the same shall be remitted to the Patent Office before the expiration of the second or the succeeding year. The annual renewal fee payable in respect of two or further years may be paid in advance. Patent renewal fees paid certificate is given by the organizer of patents.