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Society Registration India

Societies are registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, which is a centralized act. In certain states, which have a charity officer, the society must not only be registered under the Societies Registration Act, but also, in addition, under the Bombay Public Trusts Act. The main instrument of any society is the memorandum of relationship and rules and regulations (no stamp paper required), wherein the aims and objects and mode of management (of the society) should be enshrine. A Society needs a minimum of seven managing committee members; there is no upper limit to the number managing committee members. The Board of Management is in the figure of a governing body or council or a managing or executive committee.

Application for Registration

Registration can be done either at the state level (i.e., in the office of the Registrar of Societies) or at the borough level (in the office of the District Magistrate or the local office of the Registrar of Societies). (2)The procedure varies from state to state. However usually the application should be submitted together with: (a) memorandum of association and rules and regulations; (b) consent letters of all the members of the managing committee; (c) authority letter suitably signed by all the members of the managing committee; (d) an affidavit sworn by the president or secretary of the society on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.20-/, together with a court fee stamp; and (e) a declaration by the members of the organization committee that the funds of the society will be used only for the purpose of furthering the aims and objects of the society.