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FPO Agmark

Of vital importance and great utility are certifications like FPO and Agmark, in the businesses of the processed fruits and vegetables, and diverse agricultural goods and products respectively, in all across India. Both these certifications confirm high quality of food products, utmost safety, and high nutritional value, of all the products these are assigned to. These are the main reasons for being these fpo agmark certifications hugely reputed and popular, in all across the length and breadth of the country. Therefore, for all entrepreneurs, small to big industries and national to multinational business corporations which deal in such products, it is pre-requisite to provide fpo agmark certifications to their respective products, in order to gain grounds in the Indian market. Hence, our well-established legal organization provides perfect and expeditious services for registration and certification under the fpo, agmark, isi, iso, and other regulations, to these people and entities, for doing business anywhere in India. More information about these fpo and agmark certifications, is given in the section below.

FPO Agmark Certification

The FPO Certification is given after registration under the Fruit Products Order, 1955 of the Ministry of Food Processing Industries of India. This fpo certification commands the same prestige and status in the Indian market in connection with the processed fruits and vegetables, as that of the agmark certification applicable to diverse agricultural products. These agmark isi fpo certifications are therefore, inevitable for finding market, prominence, and popularity in the Indian market, for all domestic and international companies and investors. Even the imported food products in the specified categories, must meet these standards to become saleable and popular in the Indian market. The FPO of 1955, comes under the Essential Commodities Act (section 3), and encompasses the food categories of - processed fruits and vegetables, fruit pulp and juices, pickles, canned fruits and vegetables, dried and dehydrated fruits, fruit based beverages, mushroom products, vinegar, jams, vegetable curries, and various other fruit and vegetable products.