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How to Register a Trademark

Ours this elaborate and discerning article, is dedicated to provide comprehensive and productive information regarding how to register a trademark in the concerned national or international jurisdictions. To register a trademark and provide protection to the same, there is a well-devised Trademark Act or Law in every country, to secure trademarks in its all economic sectors. Besides proper recognition, such a trademark registration offers certain legitimate and exclusive rights to the creator or trademark owner, regarding personal and commercial uses of the registered trademarks within the country. For conducting business beyond the national or domestic boundaries, registrations with accredited trademark authorities at international level, are pre-requisite to be performed strictly. Such international trademark authorities and regulations are governed and controlled by TRIPS Agreement of the World Trade organization (WTO), Berne and Paris Convention, the European Community Trademark (CTM), and the Madrid Protocol of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Ours well-informed and vastly experienced law firm provided well-rounded services for trademark registrations with all these domestic and international authorities worldwide. In the paragraphs furnished below, described is how to trademark any new invention or distinct mark through registration with these authorities.

First of all, the finally selected trademark with refined support of an innovative and discerning trademark attorney, is to be verified for originality and novelty, and also to be free from any infringement possibilities, through performing scrupulous trademark search by such censorious legal professional. Then, there is the need for drafting a trademark application strictly as per the latest regulations and recommendations of the concerned trademark office. Then, there comes the turn of filing and prosecuting for prompt and best registration. In all along the entire registration process, dedicated and innovative support of a well-experienced and seasoned trademark attorney is desperately required, for the best possible outcome.