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New Company Registration India

New company means the step towards the world of corporate and business market. While deciding about the new business activity, it is very essential too to think about its safety and security in the open world. Well, as on moving world, the act of fraud and infringement is also raising at the fast rate. Where one need to move with new company registration in order to approve its name and areas of operation at the domestic and international level. It not only protects your business from any kind of misuse but also brings you with numbers of potential ways in respect of business growth.

How to Register a New company in India

Comprehensive and well-rounded legal services for company registration in India are provided by our broadly experienced and expert company and corporate attorneys and lawyers, which range from the getting very approval of a company name, and intelligent drafting of documents to be filed, to obtaining certificate of company incorporation and commencement of business. The online company registration india, is also undertaken by our well-equipped law firm.

To register a company in india, the very first step is to select the type of company and get approval of the proposed company name, by the Registrar of Companies (ROC) in the State or Union Territory, within which the company will set up its registered office. A minimum of four proposed names are desired to be forwarded to the concerned ROC, which should be listed in order of preference. The validity period for the approved name will be six months, within which registration of the specified company must be properly and punctually made. For registration of company filed are the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and the Articles of Association (AOA), along with several other necessary and ancillary documents. Our well-informed and vibrant lawyers help our clients in preparing and gathering such requisite documents. Normally, a period of two to three weeks is needed for getting the company incorporated, after approval of company name, depending upon the location of the company.