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PCT National Phase

The PCT or Patent Cooperation Treaty is a national agreement for filing patent applications, which has come in to force to enable to file a patent application under the treaty, so that an invention can be protected simultaneously in the country without losing the rights of priority. The main advantages of PCT are national protection of invention via a single patent application, cost effective way of protecting patents in the country and extended time to take decision to pursue the applications in the country. Further, the applicant can take decision to withdraw his application based the national search report and before proceeding to national phase application, the applicant can improve his application during preliminary examination.

PCT National Phase Filing India
a. The step involved in national patent applications is filing an application at receiving office by the applicant. b. National search of application by a national Search Authority. c. Issuance of national search report along with written opinion. d. Publication of application by the national bureau. e. Request for a national preliminary examination entering into national phase application. After the receipt of national search report and written opinion by the applicant, if the search report and written opinion are not in favor for patentability then the applicant may decide to withdraw his application.