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Service Mark Registration India

In India, the provision for the registration of service marks, was introduced by the new Trade Marks Act, 1999, which is in close conformity with most of the globally recognized trademark laws and regulations. Today, this Act provides secured registration and wide-ranging protection to service marks of all companies and institutions in the service sector. The service marks are the distinguishing indicators or signs, which are exclusively used by all service providing companies, institutions, and other entities, in order to get unique prominence and overwhelming popularity in the businesses of their respective fields. Some examples of such services are - catering and hospitality services, insurance services, advertising services, business management services, telecommunication services, financial services, scientific and technological services, etc. The service marks in diverse fields are categorized by the classes that range from Class 35 to Class 45, in the list of trademark classification. Our globally prominent law firm provides the entire range of services for service mark registration in India and other countries worldwide.

Service Mark Registration Services

In this section described are ours all services for service mark registration india, in the service fields concerned. These services are provided punctiliously by our well-informed and adept trademark attorneys in all across the country. Ours these services are for - creation and selection of most scintillating and perfect service mark, expeditious and flawless service mark searches, preparation of proper and perfect service mark application, filing the application with prescribed trademark offices, and prosecution for the best service mark registration. All applications for service mark registration are filed with trademark offices situated in well-accessible locations in the cities of Kolkata, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Chennai. The prompt online filing facilities are also utilized by us for such filing on behalf of our clients. Here, it is worth a mention that our well-established law firm of India with huge international reputation, offers rigorous and impeccable services for all other intellectual property, and all areas of the law, in India and abroad, quite economically.