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Patent Drafting

Ours this highly informative and supportive article provides comprehensive and precious information about patent drafting, ours patent drafting services, and universally applicable patent drafting guidelines, for patent registration in India and all international jurisdictions abroad. First of all, let me explain clearly what is patent drafting'. The Patent Drafting is presenting the newly created invention or patent in the best possible and impeccable way, as per the instructions and recommendations of the concerned patent office. It must be noted that presentation of an invention requires lots of information about the significance and utility of the invention, specialties of the invention, business field or area of the invention, profitability and efficacy of the invention, merits and demerits (if any) of the invention, related inventions and matters in the prior art, application formats, drafting guidelines, and strict rules and regulations of the patent authorities being dealt with. Hence, patent drafting is certainly a meticulous, scrupulous, and arduous task, which essentially needs rich and varied work experience, ingenuity, and discerning approach.

Patent Drafting Guidelines

The patent offices and authorities in the domestic and international jurisdictions in all across the world, present information regarding the patent drafting preferred by each of them individually, particularly through their respective patent drafting manuals. These patent drafting guidelines vary more or less from one patent office to another and from the domestic or national patent office to the international or regional patent office (like EPO). Ours globally well-connected law firm of India, not only undertakes and performs patent drafting strictly as per the latest rules and guidelines of the authorities concerned, but also accomplishes the patent application filing and patent prosecution, with patent authorities worldwide impeccably and economically. Our reliable and perfect patent drafting services are popular and reputed throughout the world. These patent drafting guidelines and instructions are regarding the paper sizes, headings and sub-headings, font size, sequential order of the information presented, enclosures, presentation of the patent specification, drawing specifications, and so on. At international and regional levels, the most prominent and significant regulatory bodies regarding patents are TRIPS Agreement of WTO, Patent Cooperation Treaty of WIPO, Berne or Paris Convention, and the European Patent Convention.