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Patent Prosecution

Today, the patent prosecution has become necessary for obtaining the best and perfect patent registration and protection punctually. This patent prosecution could be either pre-grant patent prosecution, or the post-grant patent prosecution. This patent prosecution is nothing but the task or activities performed in interaction between the officials of the concerned patent office, and the representative of the patent owner, in order to promote the forwarded patent application, or seek proper rights and protection regarding a registered patent. We offer the full gamut of perfect and punctilious services regarding patents in all economic fields in India and other countries abroad, essentially including patent prosecution services. Ours services for patent prosecution in india are separately described in the section below. Apart from patent prosecution services at domestic level in countries all across the world, ours globally acclaimed law firm provides such services for the patents under TRIPS Agreement, Berne or Paris Convention, Patent Cooperation Treaty, and the European Patent Convention.

Patent Prosecution Services in India

Proper and vigorous patent prosecution services as per the varying patent prosecution requirements are provided by ours expert and innovative patent attorneys in all zonal patent offices of India. This patent prosecution process in india is well-facilitated and made lavishly convenient and economical by the dedicated and prompt support of ours regional law offices in every region of the country. The most common patent prosecution requirements are - promotion of filed patent application for registration, patent opposition, patent disputes, and enhancement of patent rights and proper patent protection. Our services for this patent prosecution process are optional. However, generally our services for patent registration inherently include this patent prosecution for better and faster results. Both pre-grant and post-grant patent prosecutions are undertaken and performed by our well-experienced and discerning patent attorneys, to serve people and entities in various fields of commerce and profession in all parts of the country. Apart from patents, all other categories of intellectual property are well-covered by ours legal services in India and abroad.