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Society Registration

The Societies Registration Act 1960 as its preface show has been enacted to make provisions for improving the legal conditions of societies established for the purpose given under Section 1 to 20 of the Act. A society registered under this Act acquired the officially authorized status capable to use and be used Section 6 of the Act.

Society Registration Procedure

  1. The purpose given under section 20 of the Act are: Charitable Societies, the Military, Orphan funds and Societies established for the promotion of Science, Literature the fine art for instruction the diffusion of useful knowledge the foundation or maintenance of libraries or reading rooms for general use among the members or open to the public or public Museums and Galleries of paintings and other works apart designs promotion of social welfare, sports games, activities conducted to the protection and improvement of natural beneficiaries forests, lakes rivers, wild life and compassion wildly creature
  2. Only the societies formed for the purpose lay down under section 1 to 20 of the Act and having these purpose as under aim and objects may be registered under the Act.
  3. The name of the society should be such as does not attract the provision of emblems and Names (P.I.U.) Act 1960. The name proposed shouldnot suggests or be calculated to suggest the patronage of Govt. of India or the Govt. of state or connection with any legal authority under the law for the time being in force.
  4. The name of the and emblem s Act 1960 also prohibits the use of any name emblem, officials seals, colorable invitation tear of as specified in the Act, without previous permission of competent authority. It also prohibits the use of name of national heroes and other names etc. mentioned in the Act. Thus societies thereof advised to discuss with this act also before proposing the name etc. for registration.
  5. The two main documents are required to be filled under section 2 of the said societies Registration Act 1860 for registration of a society under are listed and those should be necessarily be filled in duplicate. 1. Memorandum of Association 2. Rules and Regulation.
  6. Memorandum of Association: Memorandum of the Association of the societies and defines the permitted range of its enterprises. The purpose of the Aims and objective of which society is formed has to incorporate in the memorandum.
  7. The society should be carefully understand the incorporated in the Memorandum
  8. Desirous persons or the persons a contribution the names the Memorandum should not be in any case be less than seven.
  9. Registration Procedure -Society
  10. According to part 20 of the Societies Registration Act, 1860, the following societies can be registered under the Act: charitable societies, military orphan funds or societies established at the several presidencies of India, societies established for the promotion of science, literature, or the fine arts, for instruction, the diffusion of useful knowledge, the diffusion of political education, the foundation or maintenance of libraries or reading rooms for general use among the members or open to the public, or public museums and galleries of paintings and other works of art, collection of natural history, mechanical and philosophical inventions, instruments or designs.