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Copyright Symbol

Besides sound related works, copyright symbol is predominantly used in notices issued for copyright purposes. Globally, for copyright, the symbol C is used. Copyright basically deals with the protection of innovative works in their exact expressions. In case this right of the actual holder is infringed, he or she can make claims against the party infringing these rights. To symbolize that a particular work is copyright protected, copyright symbol is used. It is written as letter "c" within a circle. This is the most common way of depicting copyright protection. This symbol is mentioned close to the product and this denotes that the product is safe from any kind of plagiarism. A legal notice can be served to the infringing party in case of violation of the rights of the copyright holder. Also, the rights of reproducing and redistributing the product are held by copyright owner. Authorities mention the specific manner in which this copyright symbol must be used. It is as under :

Copyright © [COPYRIGHT HOLDER NAME] All Rights Reserved

Copyright Symbol Type

The Copyright symbol type can be done easily. The location where copyright symbol needs to be placed, the cursor should be moved to type copyright symbol, that is, ©. If working on a PC, one can type this symbol using keys Control + Alt + C. In case this step does not work out, there is an alternative step where one can type Alt + 0169. I should be typed on the number keys located on the right side of the keyboard.

In case one wishes to use copyright symbol on Mac, Option + G should be typed. This symbol is necessary to be mentioned adjacent to the product as it will ensure that nobody tries to infringe on your right and the work done by you stays protected.

Copyright Symbol India offers copyright symbol services and these services are offered by Registrar Office, Copyright. For getting copyright for a product, the person seeking this service needs to file an application with the Registrar Office that is located in New Delhi in India.