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Copyright Application

To protect the interest of creative people who work hard in creating wonders with their thoughts, ideas, fingers, skills and abilities, Copyright registration is the best tool. Basically, it is a form of Intellectual property. Copyright is the only way to safeguard intellectual work done by people. In this world of tough competition, it has become all the more necessary to register your copyright for the creative work done by you. Many times, instances occur when hard work done by an individual is infringed by some other person. The situations worsen and a need to file a suit arises but to do that one needs to register his copyright for the work done. Since this is a technical matter, most of the times people are ignorant about copyright application or how to copyright. These days, one can file copyright application online as well. Technological advancements have made it possible for people to carry out a technical task like filing a copyright application from the comfortable confines of their home.

How to file a copyright application?

To file a copyright application, there are two ways. The first way is by courier and the second way is much simpler way, that is, by online ways. From official Copyright website, one can download the form for free. Three copies of copyright application need to be sent to the copyright office. This can be done using the services of courier or online medium. Before filing the copyright application, the new registration form needs to be signed.

The copyright form 4 needs to be filed to legally protect the copyright. The statement of particulars needs to be attached with the form. Statement of further particulars also need to be attached and these two are referred to as SOP and SOFP respectively.

For each piece of creation, an individual application form needs to be filled. The application should be mailed to Copyright Office, New Delhi. By postal order or DD payable to Registrar of Copyrights, New Delhi, the fees can be paid. The application should be signed by the applicant. On the basis of the nature of the work being protected, the duration of copyright varies. 60 years is the duration of the copyright.